One of the main ORA International Moldova priorities is supporting the underprivileged children, especially those from rural areas, which number is getting bigger every year. To this effect, in 2010 the first day care center for children “Esther House” was open in Valcinet, Calarasi district. In 2012 the second day care center for children “Walkerhaus” was inaugurated in Chiperceni village, Orhei district. In 2014 the third center “Evrica” was founded in Zberoaia village, Nisporeni District.

The beneficiaries are the children 5-15 years old which are in a risk situations, are from social vulnerable families, with a low income that is not enough for a decent life, children left in the care of relatives, grandparents and neighbors because their parents are working abroad or minors from the families where the alcohol abuse and the violence are normal.

The goal of these day care centers is to create a healthy environment, creative, favorable for the children’s personality development. Five days a week, from Monday to Friday, children are coming after the school to the center where they receive the assistance and help in doing her homework; take part in different creative, educational and recreational activities like technology education, which includes: modeling, made-up, weaving. Children learn English, songs and poems, chess, are watching movies and cartoons, are reading and dancing, etc.

The educators from the centers organize periodically courses where the children learn good manners, receive information about the environment protection, personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle. The children are always encouraged to use in practice this knowledge.

An increased attention is granted to socialization between children. They learn how to behave themselves in the society and how to be polite. They celebrate their birthdays and take part in different games and sketches.

During the summer, the day care centers are transformed in summer camps. The children spend the whole day at the center and sometimes excursions to different destinations are organized, children enjoy them very much.

A big happiness for children is the visits of sponsors, volunteers or other guests. In such moments the children receive a good cultural exchange experience which makes them more open-minded.

The results of the day care centers activities are very good. The atmosphere in the day care center has a strong impact and is very important for the child development, its mentality and the change of its way of thinking. In this way the child is changing also the environment in its family. Many children improved their school results becoming the best students in class. They became more conscious about the personal hygiene and they began to take better care of themselves, this happened not at least with the ORA International contribution as the children receive regularly hygienic products. They also developed their communication skills, discovered their talents and abilities and also dreams that they want to realize.

Ora International has the intention to open other daycare centers in many other regions  in order to help other disfavored children and to give them the chance to develop themselves in favorable conditions. All this projects we can realize with the support of the foreign but also inland sponsors, as well as with the help of local authorities: town hall, school, kindergarten, etc.