Jumir family knows what hardship means. In the village Rusestii Noi, Hincesti district, in a small house with two rooms, seven people try to survive with two low salaries. An incurable disease made ​​the father of the family, Constantin handicapped. Hisson, Nicholai, does not work because of epilepsy. It’s only the grandmother Ana and her groom, Anatolie who are able to work hard. Twenty chickens and a garden represent the small household which make the existence of these persons a little bit easier.

However, Jumir family knows another truth: life is full of sorrow, but also of joy. On September 3rd, the youngest member of the family, Daniel, was born. Lilia Jumir, the first child of 5 years always wanted to have a brother. Now she helps her mother around the house and behaves more like a mature girl. When the day at the kindergarten is over, Lilia hurries at home, she wants to see and to hug little Daniel. Zinaida, says that children are their only happiness, which make their life brighter. The next three years young mother will stay at home with the second child, therefore these people need a constant help…

ORA Moldova supports the family by donating goods: food, hygiene products, toys, vitamins and clothes. At Christmas, Easter and birthday Lilia receives gifts from her sponsors Iris and Stephan Plüss from Switzerland.

Jumir family needs a special attention and psychological support, they needs to know that someone is thinking of them and can give them a helping hand. This assistance is necessary especially now, when the young parents have a very important task – to raise and educate children.

by  Mila Corlateanu

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