Recently a group of 9 people from Switzerland visited the Republic of Moldova. The trip was organized on the initiative of ORA International Switzerland. The trip program included the social projects of ORA International Moldova. The guests visited three day care centers, “Esther House”, from the village Valcinet, district Calarasi, “Walker House”, from the village Chiperceni, district Orhei and in November 2014 we opened the day care center for children “Evrica” in the village of Zberoaia, district Nisporeni. The guests got to know the children from needy families, that have the oppurtunity to learn English in the day-care centers, to do their homework and participate in different activities that develop their abilities. In particular, the visitors were impressed by the warmth and dedication of educators who show a beautiful and loving behavior towards the children.

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The guests donated to the children from the day care centers many useful gifts: warm socks, toiletries, sweets, toys and materials for English lessons.

But also the children gave them handmade gifts.

Among the guests were the swiss sponsors who support for several years  the needy children from the Republic of  Moldova  . Some of them were happy to see their sponsored children, that they met previously also.

The sponsor Liliane Ellenberger was glad to meet for the first time her sponsored child Renata and to talk to her. She supports the girl for a long time, but she knows the girl only from her letters  and photos.

Our trip included many wonderful surprises.

Vasilina from the village Valcinet, a girl whose parents like many others work abroad and rarely are at home with their children, found a sponsor who will support her in the future, so that she can regularly attend the day care center “Esther House” with her sister.


A young woman from the village Zberoaia, district Nisporeni, which remained orphan as a child and which should bring in a short time even to a child, got significant financial support from the sponsors and clothing for her child from ORA International Moldova.

The team from Switzerland discovered in the villages of Moldova the true poverty. Not only the miserable condition of the roads, especially the poor living conditions, food shortages and the innumerable needs with which the families, children and old people are struggling every day.

A visit to the nursing home “Good Samaritan” from Straseni was one of the beautiful moments of the trip. The guests were shocked by the deplorable condition of the building, where about 28 seniors spend their retirement.

Thereafter, the Swiss were brought to see a new building in the village Lupa Recea, district Straseni , where we plan to open a new nursing home and bring the seniors after we’ll do the repair work and the furnishing of the rooms. This project requires large investments and ORA International Moldova is looking for local and foreign sponsors.

A day before leaving the team visited the kindergarten No.9 and the tuberculosis department of the hospital from Chisinau. The guests brought gifts and were given an information about the spread of this disease in the Republic of Moldova. The aim of this discussion was to discover the possibilities of personal involvement.

This is not the first visit by sponsors and people from Switzerland and Germany showing interest for Republic of  Moldova. Such trips are arranged each year, and the goal is to present the people who want to participate and help the poeple in need. We thank all the sponsors of ORA International Moldova for their support regarding the social projects for needy children, families and seniors from Moldova.


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