For four years Virginia Dinga attends English courses at ORA International Centre in Chisinau. Today we found out about Virginia’s hopes and plans.

– When did you start learning English?

– I started learning English four years ago, but I think then I did not undestand the importance of this subject. Today, when I am 17 years old, I am more receptive and more willing to learn new things, inclusive English.

– Why do you need to learn English?                                                                                              

– Nowadays knowing a foreign language is a must. Foreign languages ​​play an important role in our lives, they can be decisive in our career. If you don’t speak a foreign language, you can hardly handle in everyday life, especially if you want to travel. But if you speak English, you will be understood in almost any country. Therefore I thought that the knowledge of English will be an advantage for me.

– How do you like English courses at ORA centre?

– Twice a week I attend courses at the centre, where I feel myself at ease. Since September we have a new teacher. I like how she explains the themes, her teaching methods and friendly attitude due to which I have no fear to speak. When one make mistakes, she corrects and suggest to to try again.

– What did you study recently?

– We have repeated parts of speech, in addition we enriched the vocabulary in several themes, such as “occupations”, “parts of the body”, “celebrations and festivals”, etc..

– How can English help you in future?

– In three years I will graduate the professional school. Then I would like to enter the faculty of foreign languages ​​and literatures at the university. Namely English and Spanish represent a concern to me. I would like my future to be connected with different cultures.

– Virginia, what message do you have for your sponsor, Mrs. Tonsic?

– Dear Mrs. Tonsic, I would like to thank you for your support in my initiative to learn English. Ypu offer me a rare opportunity – to attend English courses and I am very grateful to you!

ORA International Moldova thanks Virginia’s sponsor,Durdica Tonsic for the constant support and care!

by Mila Corlateanu

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